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3 Ways to Reduce an Oilfield’s Environmental Impact

With proper attention to safety regulations and practices, it’s not difficult to keep your oilfield in safe working order for yourself and your coworkers. But what about keeping things safe for the surrounding environment? Oil is a rather dangerous substance, after...

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What Causes Oilfield Accidents?

The oil and gas industry is an essential part of our world. Unfortunately, it can also be a dangerous field of work. Even with safety measures in place, oilfield accidents can occur and be very dangerous to everyone involved. [bctt tweet="How safe is your oil drilling...

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The Functions of Elastomers in the Oilfield

Most of the oil and gas industry’s attention is focused on equipment such as BOP Rams, drills, and other heavy-duty machinery. This makes sense since these machines are the most visible and do the most work. However, as you maintain and occasionally upgrade your...

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Oilfield Safety: How to Stay Safe in a Risky Field

Oil and gas drilling centers provide essential resources to society. Of course, this comes with a certain risk. Oilfield workers are regularly exposed to such risks as electrical hazards, vehicle collisions, confusing layouts, and more. While it’s nearly impossible to...

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The Benefits of Ram BOPs

A Ram BOP functions like a gate valve at the top of a BOP stack on an oil well, regulating the flow of oil and sealing off the well when necessary. The seal is achieved through a pair of steel plungers that pull inward to restrict flow and press outward to allow the...

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The Advantages of Annular BOPs

Blowout preventers serve an important role in drilling operations, keeping an oil well sealed and the oil inside under control. For many drilling projects, an annular BOP is the final touch needed to create a functioning oil well. With their compact size, easy...

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How to Clean a Blowout Preventer

Keeping your oil well’s blowout preventer clean may seem like a secondary issue, but dirt on a BOP is just as crucial a safety issue as clearing debris. Built-up grime in a BOP can allow valves to blow and cause a disaster. Consequently, taking the time to clean your...

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The Functions of Blowout Preventers

In the oil and gas industry, a leaky well could spell disaster. Not only will repairs cost the company money, but the spilled oil is dangerous to workers and wildlife alike. Fortunately, helpful devices known as blowout preventers prevent this disaster from happening....

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New Website Launch for B.O.P. Products!

B.O.P. Products is proud to announce the launch of our revamped website! Our new website is an exciting part of our ongoing effort to improve our products and services for you, our most valued customers. About B.O.P. Products B.O.P. Products is a Houston, Texas-based...

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