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If you’re contemplating buying aftermarket BOP products for your oil drilling project, you might wonder, “What are aftermarket services?” While oil and gas drilling companies pay more attention to brand-new products, aftermarket services are as effective as new products. So, you can opt for aftermarket services, depending on your oilfield needs.

Aftermarket BOP products play the same role as new BOP equipment used in oil and gas drilling operations. All you have to do is buy the aftermarket blowout preventers BOP products from a reliable source, such as BOP Products. We offer exceptional aftermarket experience for all BOP products and services.

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Discover what BOP aftermarket services mean and how you can benefit from them.

What Do We Mean By BOP Aftermarket Services?

BOP aftermarket services refer to producing spare parts, accessories, and components to improve or maintain the original BOP equipment. They are generally less expensive than their brand-new counterparts, and their quality is comparable to the new products. In addition, they are easier to find, mainly when you order them from a reliable source.

BOP Repair and Replacement 

Aftermarket services are very reliable regarding repairs and replacement of BOP parts. For instance, you’ll gain access to highly trained technicians who will repair all types of BOP products and leading manufacturers’ equipment. You can also get replacements for your blowout preventer (BOP) faster than by ordering new ones from manufacturers.

We Will Come to You

Most industrial manufacturers don’t have time to look for you when you’re in trouble. So, if your BOP equipment breaks down, you must look for them to arrange repairs and replacements. But with BOP Products’ aftermarket services, we’ll come to you. We have a team of field service technicians and engineers who can do the following.

  • Provide weekly property asset reporting
  • Assemble, evaluate, and certify your equipment to comply with the standard safety requirements
  • Offers quality oversight for load path components to ensure they comply with design requirements

Let BOP Products Help

Are you still wondering, “What are aftermarket services?” Well, aftermarket services can help you access repairs and replacements of your BOP equipment faster than ordering brand-new replacements. The good news is that BOP Products can help you source high-quality aftermarket products for your oil and gas drilling equipment.

Contact us today to learn more about our BOP aftermarket services.

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