A Snapshot Into Our Most Recently Completed Job: Annular BOPs

The best part about our job is seeing a job when it is complete. We take pride in knowing that we deliver a quality product promptly. Our most recent job included an annular BOP, manifolds, and other API equipment. Let’s look more into these pieces of oil and gas equipment.  

Annular BOPs are blow-out preventers that are designed to work on multiple different-sized pipes. An annular blowout preventer is great for jobs where your BOP needs to be able to fit multiple pipes. Manifolds on the other hand are designed to organize, combine, and distribute multiple pipes/their flow. 

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Annular BOPs: How Are They Different Than Others


One of the biggest products in this equipment shipment is an annular BOP. Annular BOPs are an interesting blowout preventer for drilling operations. Their unique design allows them to be more flexible on the drill site, so they work the best when you need that flexibility. We recommend annular BOPs for those customers who want longevity in their products. 

Manifolds: What Are They?

Another product we are shipping out is Manifolds, but what are they? In short, manifolds are like the managers of your pipes. They are an arrangement of pipes that are designed to combine, manage, distribute, and control the flow of your fluid. 

BOP Products Can Do It For You

BOP Products specializes in providing high-quality and safe products. All of the items displayed here are safely secured and are DNV Third Party Witnessed and Pull Tested. These items were also manufactured and/or remanufactured to API 16A, 16C, and 16D

Simply put, we will ensure our products and services are secure, safe, and effective. 

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Projects like this one are what we are passionate about. We are so excited about serving the oil and gas industry for years to come. 

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