BOP Products Sent a Remanufactured Annular BOP to Mexico

BOP Products is proud to offer high-quality remanufactured blowout preventers to companies around the world. Oilfield experts trust our equipment to be reliable for years to come. Our most recent sale of a remanufactured annular BOP to a Mexican oil company demonstrates our high standing in the international market.

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What are Annular BOPs?

Annular BOPs are often used as the final piece of equipment atop a stack of other BOPs on a well. Their durable construction and secure elastomer sealants keep the high-pressure oil under control and prevent disasters. They come in a variety of sizes to suit any oil well for maximum protection.

Aftermarket Oilfield Equipment

At BOP Products, we hold ourselves to high professional standards in our remanufacturing process. We offer high-quality products at affordable prices to clients all over the world. This particular annular BOP can withstand 500 PSI and came with a 5-year certification.

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