The Advantages of Annular BOPs

Blowout preventers serve an important role in drilling operations, keeping an oil well sealed and the oil inside under control. For many drilling projects, an annular BOP is the final touch needed to create a functioning oil well. With their compact size, easy maintenance, and impressive durability, these heavy-duty pieces of equipment will prove their worth to your oil drilling project.

Annular blowout preventers are crucial pieces of equipment for any professional oil drilling project, adding an essential layer of protection to both the well itself and all the workers nearby. Let’s look closer at a few specific advantages offered by a quality annular BOP.

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Sizing Versatility

There’s no standard size for an oil well, and BOP equipment has to be able to fit perfectly. Leaving the BOP too loose would lead to severe leakage while having it too tight would cause pressure to build and lead to a potential disaster. Fortunately, BOP manufacturers recognize this and incorporate specialized sizing mechanics into annular BOPs. A secure seal of metal and industrial rubber fits around any size of Blowout preventer and keeps your oil well at the perfect pressure.

Protection for Moving Parts

One ever-present hazard for drilling equipment is the damage caused by moving parts that come into contact with each other. Metal parts in particular can leave shavings after touching, leading to potential damage to the rubber seal. Fortunately, annular BOPs are designed specifically to avoid this problem. The system uses replaceable bearings to prevent metal moving parts from rubbing together and producing potentially dangerous debris.

Pro Tip: Metal shavings can accumulate in other parts of your BOP stack. When you clean your BOPs, use a magnetized cleaning device to retrieve the metal bits.

Adaptable to Nonstandard Environments

Not all oil drill sites are created equal. For particularly difficult circumstances, you may have to make changes to your BOP stack or request changes from the BOP manufacturer. Spare parts for an annular BOP are designed with this principle in mind. Simply request a different type of rubber sealing and protection for less-than-standard drilling environments.

A Key Piece of Equipment

The stability of your oil well’s machinery depends on having a quality annular BOP at the top of your BOP stack. Manage difficult pressure levels and keep your entire workplace safe with a well-built, versatile annular blowout preventer.

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