What is a Companion Flange?

If you work in a drilling site, you may wonder, “What is a companion flange?” You are perhaps familiar with other flanges, but not this type of flange. Well, a companion flange connects a flange yoke to another connection to allow proper torque transfer. It is common in drilling operations to improve the efficiency and performance of drilling tools.

Companion flanges are essential in pipe works and related equipment to quickly assemble and disassemble connected components. Notably, most flanges used in oilfield operations have bolt-hole patterns to secure the joints and a gasket to provide a pressure-tight seal. So, it makes repair and maintenance effortless.

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What is the Difference Between a Flange and a Companion Flange?

The primary difference between a flange and a companion flange is that the latter has a hub that’s either threaded or socket to attach to a pipe. But, flanges are solid in the middle allowing you to bolt to the companion flange to terminate a line. In other words, a flange doesn’t have a hub.

Where is it Used? 

In most cases, this piece of equipment gets attached to another pipe’s flange, and the pipeline gets assembled to fit between the two flanges. You can also use a threaded companion flange on plastic pipes when inserting threaded iron pipes into them. That makes this tool a vital component of a plumbing or pipeline system.

Why is it Important?

When building a plumbing system, it’s vital to install access points into the plumbing line to facilitate the removal of clogs. That’s where the companion flange comes in handy to help. It seals open pipes to form a closed flange, which can get changed in the future when a need arises. For that reason, it offers easy access for a plumbing emergency. 

API Equipment with BOP Products

Some API documents categorize companion flanges as “loose flanges” or “loose connectors,” The types of flanges that fall in that category are blind, test, threaded, and weld neck flanges. Since this piece of equipment is a vital component of the pipeline system, you need to get them from a reliable manufacturer, such as BOP Products.

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