Before You Buy a Blowout Preventer

Before you buy a blowout preventer, you’ll need to know exactly what kind you’re looking for. There are different types of BOPs to choose from and you’ll need to decide how quickly you need it.

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Let’s take a look at the different types of BOPs and the advantages of aftermarket parts.

Understanding Different Types of BOPs

Annular blowout preventers are installed on top of other BOPs to allow sealing and control of the oil well. If no drill pipe or other BOPs have been installed yet, the annular BOP will be placed on the opening of the well itself.

A ram blowout preventer functions like a gate valve at the top of a BOP stack on an oil well, regulating the flow of oil and sealing off the well when necessary. The seal is achieved through a pair of steel plungers that pull inward to restrict flow and press outward to allow the oil to flow freely.

How Quickly You Need the Equipment

When it comes to buying a BOP, you get to decide when you need them. Some orders might need to be handled faster than others for certain applications. Whether you need a BOP for a long-term project or for immediate needs, new or used parts and equipment are readily available for your industry.

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Advantages of Aftermarket BOPs

Aftermarket BOPs are virtually always less expensive than their name-brand counterparts. They’re also easier to find through a wide variety of dealers located in far more convenient locations. Additionally, many aftermarket providers offer guarantees for their products as an added incentive.


Do your research before you buy a blowout preventer and speak with a knowledgeable expert to find the right solutions for your company. 

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