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On an oilfield, safety is always a high priority. And perhaps one of the biggest dangers in an oilfield is the risk of a blowout. If an oil well’s seal or drilling equipment gave way to the immense pressure underground, oil could come flooding out and pose a serious risk to nearby workers and the surrounding environment.

To reduce the risk of a blowout, several key pieces of oilfield equipment include blowout preventers, also known as BOPs. Their primary purpose is to keep the pressure contained and allow for a slow, controlled flow of oil out of the well. But simply adding BOPs into the mix isn’t quite enough to completely eliminate the risk of a blowout. Here are a few ways you can further reduce the risk in your oilfield.

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Blowout Preventers

The two most widely used types of BOPs are Ram BOPs and Annular BOPs. A Ram BOP is designed to quickly close the well during operations, preventing oil from escaping. Its elastomers and reliable locking seal system ensure a steady, easily controlled flow of oil. Some models even allow for remote control of the oil flow!

Annular BOPs, on the other hand, are more of a “finishing touch” to your oil well. They provide an essential seal on top of a stack of other BOPs to keep particularly high-pressure wells under control. They can even be installed over the wellbore itself if no other BOPs are in place yet. Use annular BOPs as one of the final lines of defense against an oil well blowout.

Proper Sealing

Every model of BOP comes with specialized sealants known as elastomers. These durable rubber seals are customized to withstand different temperatures or levels of pressure, depending on the exact specifications of your oilfield. With proper care and usage, excellent elastomers will provide a heavy-duty seal to keep your oil well at bay.

Pro Tip: Metal shavings from your drill can damage elastomers over time. Use a downhole magnet to remove as many metal fragments as you can and prevent damage to your seals.

A Trustworthy Manufacturer

Finally, the best way to acquire reliable BOPs and safety equipment is to go through a trusted manufacturer and distributor. Find a company you can trust with recommendations from other experts in their field. You can trust blowout preventers designed and sold by experts dedicated to making oilfields safer.

Promoting Oilfield Safety

Working in the oil and gas industry poses a unique set of risks for employers and employees alike. Fortunately, the right equipment and following proper safety protocol will reduce the risk of an oil blowout. Keep your employees and the nearby environment safe with reliable blowout preventers and excellent workplace safety habits.

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