Aftermarket BOP Services: Just as Important as New Manufacture

Aftermarket services get less attention than brand new products most of the time. However, these refurbished products can work just as well as brand new ones in the vast majority of cases. Depending on your oil field’s needs and your coworkers’ preferences, it’s possible you could switch to aftermarket BOPs and other parts with little to no trouble.

Aftermarket and replacement parts for oil and gas drilling projects provide the same functionality as brand new products, with only a fraction of the price. Are aftermarket parts the right choice for your workplace? Read on to learn more and make an informed decision.

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Lower Cost

As anyone who has shopped for aftermarket parts knows, they are virtually always less expensive than their name-brand counterparts. On the other hand, their quality is generally comparable to the original, so they last about as long without needing replacement or repairs. You’ll spend less money upfront and also not need to spend more money to replace them as frequently. All around, aftermarket BOP parts are a bargain.

Pro Tip: Aftermarket parts are generally cheaper than the original manufacturers’ products, but if you see a price that seems too good to be true, it just might be. Double-check the quality before you buy aftermarket parts.

Easier to Find

Original manufacturer parts are only available through the manufacturer themselves or a licensed dealer. Unfortunately, this means that unless a licensed dealer happens to be nearby, you might have trouble finding the parts you need. Shopping for them online still limits your options and adds the additional expenses of shipping costs. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are available through a wide variety of dealers located in far more convenient locations. And with the wide range of available parts, you’re sure to find exactly what you need at aftermarket prices.

Fully Guaranteed

One common misunderstanding is that aftermarket parts don’t come with the same guarantee that the original manufacturer would provide. By and large, this is not true. Many aftermarket providers offer guarantees for their products as an added incentive. Need a replacement part or just want to return or exchange what you bought? The vast majority of aftermarket factories will take care of it for you with no trouble.

Switch to Aftermarket BOP Products

As aftermarket BOP products become more common in the oil and gas industries, it’s hard to deny their impact on many companies’ bottom lines. How can these alternatives to brand new purchases help your company? Make the switch and find out!

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