Take Advantage of BOP Products’ Rental Services

BOP Products is proud to offer the best BOP models for your oil drilling operations. But in some cases, you may only need this equipment temporarily. Why spend the additional money in that case? For any situation where you don’t need or want to keep your new BOP forever, consider looking into BOP Products’ rental services.

Blow out preventers are crucial pieces of equipment for drilling projects. But why invest in a brand new BOP to own when you won’t need it for long? That’s where our rental services come in. Let’s look at a few scenarios where renting may be the superior choice for you.

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One-Time Projects

Sometimes you may only need a BOP for one very specific project. Once the project is complete, you likely won’t ever need the BOP again. If that’s the case, save yourself some time and money and just rent the equipment you need. Better yet, renting allows you to forgo concerns about long-term maintenance or storage of your equipment. When the job is done, just return your rental and get back to your normal work!

Waiting on a New BOP

Did you order a new or replacement BOP that hasn’t arrived yet? If you still need one in the meantime, considering renting what you need to keep your business operational in the meantime. Why wait for your replacement and incur expensive downtime? Get your rental quickly and stay operational!

Pro Tip: Some delays are out of the provider’s control. However, we work hard to make sure you get your purchased or rented BOP products on time so you aren’t stuck waiting on us.

Reduce Upfront Costs

A startup or smaller business may not have the funds to buy a blowout preventer immediately. Unfortunately, whether the funds are available or not, your business still needs a reliable BOP. If you can’t afford to buy one outright, why not start out with a rental? The small periodic fee will make a less noticeable impact on your immediate finances. Once your business is better situated, you can upgrade to a BOP that you can purchase and keep forever.

BOP Products Rentals

For a variety of reasons, you may not want or need to buy a brand new BOP quite yet. Try renting one in the meantime to keep your project covered without buying something you don’t need. Browse our BOP Products rental catalog to see what we can offer you!

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