The Benefits of Ram BOPs

A Ram BOP functions like a gate valve at the top of a BOP stack on an oil well, regulating the flow of oil and sealing off the well when necessary. The seal is achieved through a pair of steel plungers that pull inward to restrict flow and press outward to allow the oil to flow freely. This addition to an oil well’s BOP lineup ensures that the flow is regulated in precise detail.

Anyone familiar with an oil well will understand why a well-designed and properly functioning Ram BOP is crucial to any drilling operation. In addition to its base function, BOPs come equipped with several key accessories and design features to increase their lifespan and security on the oil well. Understanding these additional design choices will help you choose the correct Ram BOP for your oil well and know how to correctly use it.

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Durable Rubber Sealing

Part of an effective BOP is a reliable seal, and the manufacturers of Ram BOPs understand this. Each BOP comes equipped with carefully designed rubber seals that can withstand high ranges of temperatures and immense pressure. With a quality Ram BOP, even a massive oil well will stay sealed as long as you want.

Pro Tip: Part of the BOP is also designed to relieve some pressure on the rubber, extending its expected service life.

A Variety of Sizes

Oilfield equipment is far from a one-size-fits-all scenario. Fortunately, the Ram BOP is perfectly compatible with any Series 700 BOP Ram from 7-1/16” through 26-3/4” sizes, allowing you to seal your well no matter the size. Of course, it’s just as crucial to make sure you have the correct size to prevent a potential blowout. Let a BOP expert inspect your equipment and BOP to make sure they’ll fit together.

Locked Securely into Place

Even a slight improper movement from a BOP could result in a dangerous blowout. To combat this, Ram BOPs are rigorously tested to ensure they fit as tightly as possible on top of your BOP stack, keeping the immense pressure underneath in check. This is also why finding the absolute correct size is so important to your overall workplace safety. During your periodic safety inspections, make sure to check the fit of your Ram BOP and its rubber sealant to ensure everything is still secure.

The Perfect Topper for Your BOP Stack

The primary advantage of a Ram BOP is its ability to hold back the high-pressure flow of oil or natural gas from a well. Its strong, durable design ensures that your oil well will remain completely sealed and keep your entire work environment safe from a blowout disaster.

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