Dual String Interlocking Shear Rams for Drilling Projects

The dual-string interlocking (DSI) shear rams are an improvement of the dual-string (DS) shear rams. However, the latter lacks an interlocking feature that can shear wirelines and braided cables without any tension in the line. The DSI rams don’t use a foldover shoulder, making it easy to clip pipes and casing with larger diameters.

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The DSI shear rams come with numerous benefits, including improving the performance certainty. The interlocking design can also enhance operational flexibility by facilitating the wireline shearing, braided cables, and dual strings. It does that with zero tension on the lines while maintaining a seal.

Now, let’s look at the features of dual string interlocking shear rams and how they work.

What They Are

As the name suggests, dual-string interlocking shear rams have interlocking arms on the upper arm to prevent vertical separation. The rams also have blades that offer full wellbore coverage. They lack foldover, allowing kill weight mud (KWM) to be pumped down the drill string. The DSI shear rams are compatible with U surface ram-type BOPs.

How They Work

Dual-String Interlocking (DSI) shear rams operate more similarly to the Dual-String (DS) rams. The only difference between the two is that when the DSI rams first engage, the blades’ separations get eliminated. Another good thing about the DSI shear rams is that they can lower the required shear pressure with more efficient cutting geometry. 

Uses for Oil Drilling

The DSI shear rams play a significant role in maintaining safety in oil drilling sites. Their innovative interlocking systems can enhance operational flexibility, making them highly-reliable for oil and gas drilling. Note that the shear rams are unique and new in the market and comply with the BSEE requirements for OCS drilling platforms.


The shearing capability of the Dual-String Interlocking shear rams surpasses those of other shear rams on the market. Generally, the DSI rams provide a valuable additional layer of safety to operations on drilling sites. They are very reliable when it comes to safety, making them must-have accessories in any drilling site that prioritize safety.

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