What Are Blind Shear Rams?

Drilling a well is not an easy task for many, and a successful, safe process requires safety equipment like blind shear rams. Knowing what type of blowout preventer to use when covering a wellbore can prove a daunting task even for the slightly experienced engineers. A blind shear ram is always a significant resort to regaining pressure control of a well flowing uncontrollably.

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A blind shear ram is the thick, heavy steel component of a ram blowout preventer (BOP). Blind shear rams are always fitted with hardened tool steel blades designed to cut the tubing or the drill pipe when the BOP is closed. It then fully closes to isolate or seal the wellbore completely. Here’s what you should know about shear rams. 

What They’re Used For & How They Work

As an oilfield operator, you need to pick the right blind shear ram BOP to maintain safety for everyone on the drilling site. When there is increasing pressure in the wellbore blind shear rams, help to contain the pressure.

They are key tools for the safety in the oilfield as they help control any additional pressure that could cause ruptures and accidents to workers. You can never start an oil well drilling process without having ideal blind shear rams in place for the procedure.

When installing the blind shear rams, you will have to fit them using hardened tool steel blades to hold them firmly in position. With the perfect fit, the shear rams will easily cut the drill pipe or openings for tubing when the BOP stack closes. When it completely closes, the blind shear ram isolates and seals off the wellbore.

Even though it is important to have a blind shear ram in your drilling plan, they only come to use when other BOPs have failed. When the well is overflowing and pressure is rising, a blind shear ram will do the perfect job of bringing things back to order.  

Blind Shear Ram Specifications

When choosing a blind shear ram for your well-drilling project, you have to know which special features of the blind shear ram will fit your project needs. Looking for the blind shear ram specifications would help you settle for a perfect choice.

Consider the bore rim size, which normally ranges from 7-1/16″ to 21-1/4, before you purchase one for your well. You can always consult with a specialist before settling for a purchase. 


The importance of blind shear rams in your well-drilling project cannot be overstated. Once you have landed on a decision to pick specific blind shear rams, you must know how they work and how to install them in your wellbore. You can rent a BOP ram for your project today.

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