What Are Dual Shearing Rams?

An ideal dual shearing ram enhances operational flexibility with the help of an innovative performance-centered ram interlocking mechanism. The dual shearing ram has arms on the upper part to prevent any vertical separation between upper and lower blades. They also help to separate the shearing wireline and braided cable with no tension in the line.

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In simple terms, dual shearing rams enhance operational flexibility as they don’t use a foldover shoulder. That makes it easier for them to shear larger diameter pipe and casing. With proper maintenance and effective use, these dual shearing rams will achieve a lot. The following is what you need to know about dual shearing rams.

Purpose of Dual-Shearing (DS) Rams

A dual shearing ram’s primary purpose is to optimize operational flexibility using the innovative performance-enhancing ram interlocking mechanism. The new string interlocking shear rams brag of enhanced features that give them a performance advantage above other variable bore rams.

Their interlocking arms on the upper ram help to prevent vertical separation. The blades are well-shaped and situated strategically to offer full wellbore coverage. Unlike other rams with foldover, the new dual shearing rams lack foldover enabling them to kill weight mud pumped down the drill string.

Additionally, a dual shearing ram is compatible with U surface ram-type BOP, the most used ram-type BOP globally. This compatibility further optimizes reliability and performance.

DS rams are essential for the following reasons.

  • They improve performance surety with interlocking design.
  • They do away with nonseparable hence enhancing the health and safety executive (HSE) profile.
  • Due to their efficient cutting geometry, they can quickly lower the required shear pressure.
  • They can shear wireline, dual strings, and braided cables to enhance operational flexibility.
  • They manage and maintain a seal and a shear wireline and braided cable that apply no tension in the line. 

Enhancing Your Operational Flexibility

All you need from a shearing ram is optimum output. The best way it achieves that is by enhancing your operational flexibility with its innovative performance-improving ram interlocking mechanism. You will enjoy every bit of the operation with the non-destructive upper arms that see that the blades are functioning as correctly as they could.

The better news is that the latest additions of the new dual-string interlocking shear rams are compliant with the upcoming Bureau of Safety and Environment Enforcement (BSEE) requirements. No need to worry about getting caught up between regulations when using the rams.

Choose BOP Products

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