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If you plan to visit or work on an oil-drilling field, you should be able to answer the question, “What are pipe rams?” A pipe ram is vital in drilling operations as it helps prevent potential blowouts. It has a sealing component that closes the annular space between the wellbore and drill pipe outside, setting them apart from other BOPs.

A pipe ram is a unique blowout preventer (BOPs) that closes the annular space between the wellbore and pipe. They seal around the drill pipe’s outside in the wellbore to prevent fluids from flowing through the annular space. Unlike other BOPs, they don’t restrict the flow of crude oil and gas within the drill pipe.

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Basics of Pipe Rams 

The primary role of a pipe ram is to prevent blowouts during oil well drilling operations. It restricts fluid flow outside the drill pipe (annular space). Also, it has rubber-faced steel plungers that retract outside when a back-pressure kick happens. As a result, it will seal the wellbore, preventing blowouts. 

Ram Type Blow Out Preventers

Besides pipe rams, there are three other ram-type blowout preventers, including:

  • Shear Ram: Can seal the wellbore even when the well has a drill string or tubing. It has steel blades that cut through the pipe to close the wellbore.
  • Blind Ram: Blind rams don’t have openings for tubing. So they can close the drill well by cutting off the tubing when the well has no drill string.
  • Blind Shear Ram: It’s a thick, heavy steel component of Ram BOP. It has steel blades that can cut the tubing or drill pipe when you close the BOP.

Restricted to Pipe Sizes

Pipe rams only work only on the size of the drill string. They offer fixed-size sealing functions, meaning you can only use this type of equipment on a specific tubular size. You can’t use one pipe ram on two pipes of different sizes. The good news is that the pipe rams are available in all known pipe sizes used in oil drilling operations.

Get Your Ram BOP from BOP Products

So far, you can answer the question, “What are pipe rams?” Ram-type BOPs are vital in preventing potential blowouts during oilfield drilling operations. However, you can only achieve the highest safety standards when you source the blowout preventers from a reliable manufacturer like BOP Products. We offer high-quality BOPs to ensure safety.

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