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If you’re an oilfield operator, you need to choose the right blind shear ram BOP to keep everyone on the drilling site safe. That means you have to understand how this blowout preventer works and when exactly you should get a new blind shear ram. How does the blind shear ram BOP operate, and why do you need it in the oil field?

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Fitted with hardened tool steel blades, blind shear rams can cut the drill pipe or tubing when the blowout preventer closes. It will fully close to isolate or seal off the wellbore. The blind shear ram serves as the last resort when other blowout preventers have failed. It helps to regain pressure control in an overflowing well.

Here are the circumstances under which you should choose new blind shear rams.

When They’re Past Expiration

Using outdated blowout preventers in the drilling sites poses significant risks to all your workers. If your blind shear rams are past the expiration date, you need to replace them with the latest and most efficient models. However, you need to ensure that the BOP standards match your needs and the general safety rules for drilling sites.

When Another BOP Element is Changed

Making changes to a blowout preventer is a common practice in the oilfield. According to government regulations, BOP drawings should match the hardware to apply for drilling permits. That means you should choose the right blind shear rams for your blowout preventer system whenever you change any BOP elements.

Pro Tip: BOP changes can involve a vast range of subjects, including the materials, dimensions, surface finishes, and manufacturing methods. Design changes can result from material improvements and responses to service failures.

When Minor Issues Occur

Issues such as the use of outdated BOP elements can fail the BOP and SPM valves. Here are some of the other minor problems that can prompt you to get new blind shear rams for your BOP system.

  • Broken internal flow control parts
  • Contaminated hydraulic fluid
  • Presence of excessive particulate matter
  • Clip rings installed backward
  • Incorrect OEM parts and incomplete rebuilds
  • Hydraulic fluid incompatible with BOP materials

Choosing the Right Blind Shear Rams

Now that you know when and how to choose the right blind shear ram BOP, you can make informed decisions. Ensure that you select the latest shear rams for your BOP system to avoid inconveniences. It has to fulfill all your drilling needs.

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