3 More Reasons to Rent a BOP

If you are trying to decide between buying or renting a blowout preventer, there are many reasons to rent a BOP. As essential safety equipment in drilling sites, BOPs can be very costly when buying new ones. The good news is that you can rent a BOP when you don’t have enough money to buy or own such equipment.

Why should you rent instead of buying a BOP? 

Renting a BOP is cost-effective and can help you save significant money for other drilling operations. You don’t have to stress your brain over buying a BOP when you can rent one at a significantly lower fee. Besides, reputable companies like BOP Products provide reliable BOP rental services at affordable rates.

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Here are the other reasons to rent a BOP from BOP Products.

  1. Flexibility
  2. Savings
  3. Reliable Quality

1) Flexibility

The primary advantage of renting a BOP is that it fosters flexibility. You only rent the equipment when drilling operations are going on. Once the drilling project is complete, you’ll return the equipment rather than leave it idle. This will help you save time and money in the long run. So, consider renting BOPs for one-time drilling operations.

2) Savings

As we’ve mentioned, renting a BOP comes with several cost benefits, especially for startups that don’t have enough funds to buy BOPs immediately. You’ll only pay a small rental fee, which will cause less noticeable impacts. Besides, you’ll only pay for the BOP for the specific duration you plan to use it. This will help you save more money.

3) Reliable Quality

The quality of BOPs matters a lot in drilling operations as it influences the level of safety of workers. By renting a BOP, you’ll get the latest and high-quality BOP equipment that ensures a high safety level during drilling. Also, if your BOP breaks down, you can rent one as you plan to buy a replacement BOP. This keeps your drill site operational.

Rent From BOP Products

The reasons to rent a BOP make sense, especially if you own a startup drilling site. You will enjoy more flexibility and save money for other critical things in your oilfield, such as paying employees. If you wonder where to rent BOPs, visit BOP Products. You can take advantage of our BOP rental services to prevent downtime during drilling operations.

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