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What is a drill ship? If you are familiar with the traditional oil rigs used in offshore drilling, you won’t have trouble understanding how a drill ship operates. Drill ships are special-purpose ships that can drill the ocean beds at deep seas. They are safe and secure techniques for extracting oil and gas at deep seas.

Unlike traditional offshore rigs, drill ships can move freely from one point to another. A drillship is a vessel modified to drill oil and gas wells. It comes fully equipped with a moon pool and a drilling derrick. Besides, the ship has extensive mooring or positioning equipment and a helipad for receiving supplies and staff.

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Drilling in the Ocean

Drill ships are crucial in offshore drilling where semi-submersible rigs are not feasible. These self-propelled ships can transport larger loads of drilling equipment and supplies. In addition, the ships can drill in deep and ultra-deep ocean waters.

In shallow waters, drill ships get moored to the seafloor using 6-12 anchors. However, if the water level is too deep, the ships use dynamic positioning systems (DPS) to hold the vessel in position during drilling. That helps to prevent damage by winds and waves.

Drill Ship Benefits

The primary advantage of drill ships is that they are self-propelled and can hold larger loads of drilling equipment and supplies. As a result, they are more reliable in remote ocean areas. These ships can drill in waters up to 9,000 feet and travel faster.

Although semi-submersible rigs can also drill wells in deep waters, drill ships can propel themselves from location to location and well to well. Besides, drill ships use dynamic positioning systems to stay in position on the water.

Drill Ship Drawbacks 

Despite the numerous advantages of drill ships, they also have a few disadvantages. First, the operation costs are high, as all the ship’s crew must get paid high salaries, yet they are not directly involved in drilling operations.

Also, the drill ship gets affected directly by wave motion and drafting. So, it requires a motion compensation system, mooring and anchoring system, marine riser system, or thruster for dynamic positioning to keep it stable. Unfortunately, these items add cost.

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