Elastomer Properties and Where to Use Them

You’ve probably heard about elastomers in oil drilling operations, and you wonder what elastomer properties make this material special. Elastomers are polymers with greater viscosity and elasticity than natural rubber. This viscoelastic material is an excellent alternative to natural rubber because of its high yield strength and failure strain.

An elastomer can regain its original size and shape when significantly stretched. It has numerous applications, including the manufacture of tires, shoe soles, and blowout preventers (BOPs). So, what makes an elastomeric material stretch and regain its original shape without breaking? Let’s look at the elastomer properties.

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Physical Properties of Elastomers

Here are the properties of elastomers that make them unique.

  • Elastomers are very flexible at low temperatures
  • Elastomers have weak intermolecular forces, allowing them to stretch extensively
  • Their specific working temperature varies depending on seal design and media compatibility

Other elastomer properties are hardness, compression set, tensile strength, abrasion resistance, tear strength, color, aging, gas permeability, and elongation at break.

Types of Elastomers

There are two types of elastomers: saturated and unsaturated elastomers.

  • Saturated Elastomers: Boast superior stability against heat, radiation, oxygen, and ozone. Besides, they are less reactive because their reactivity depends on specific conditions and circumstances. Sulfur vulcanization can’t cure them.
  • Unsaturated Elastomers: The elastomers are curable with sulfur vulcanization. Examples include natural polyisoprene and Butyl rubber.

Elastomer Uses

Elastomers have several applications due to their flexibility, insolubility, and elasticity. Here are some of the applications you need to know.

  • Oil Drilling: Elastomers play a vital role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of drilling equipment. The elastomers help BOP systems function effectively.
  • Motor Vehicles: Elastomers like thermosets can be used to build tires, seals, and several components of an automobile. That’s because they don’t melt easily.
  • Consumer Products: Many consumer products consist of elastomers, including baby pacifiers, shoe soles, and other miscellaneous components.
  • Medical Products: A wide range of products in the medical industry have elastomers, including prosthetics and lubricants.
  • Wire and Cable: Wire and cables require flexible coatings that can fold easily and resist heat, and elastomers such as neoprene are perfect for that.
  • Construction Industry: Elastomers can be used to build adhesives and sealant materials for filling and sealing gaps during construction.

Elastomers from BOP Products

Elastomers have applications across various industries, including medical, construction, and mining. The elastomer properties are outstanding since they can withstand many stressors like high temperatures. You can find quality elastomers at BOP Products.

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