What Are Elastomers Used For?

There are many products that we don’t pay attention to because they are not a large part of our lives. Elastomers are one of these products. What are they, and what are they used for? In this blog, we will answer those questions. 

These materials are types of rubber used to make many different types of materials. Examples are natural rubber, butadiene rubber, and silicone rubber. At BOP Products, when we talk about elastomers we mean seals meant to prevent oil leaks. There are two main types: thermoset and thermoplastic.

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Defining Elastomers

Elastomers are a type of rubber material. They are long-chain polymers of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and silicone. This material is handy in many industries including oil and gas, automotive, medical, and some others. 

Different Types of Elastomers

There are two main types of this material: thermoset and thermoplastic. Thermoset elastomers are the most common because they do not melt when heated. This makes them perfect for hoses and seals because of the extreme flexibility.

Thermoplastic elastomers melt more easily. These types of rubber are recycling-friendly. They are more commonly used in manufacturing than the thermoset kind. An example of this kind of elastomer is the rubber used in shoes. 

What Are They Used For? 

The oil and gas industry uses rubber as sealing solutions for various equipment. When stress is removed from the material it returns to its original configuration. Are you looking for a reliable elastomer? BOP Products is a worldwide organization for the development and manufacturing of advanced sealing solutions, supplying differentiated products to the global oil and gas industry. 

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