6 Fracking Uses

Hydraulic fracking comes with many benefits due to the several fracking uses. This technique is widely used in the oil and gas industry to increase production. It is very reliable because it increases accessibility to oil and gas deposits lying deep.

What are some common uses for fracking?

If you want to boost production in a well, consider investing in hydraulic fracking. The technology allows oil and gas drilling companies to recover more oil and gas. Wells can be drilled vertically or horizontally to access the deposits.

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Here are the various applications of fracking. 

  1. Water Wells 
  2. Mining
  3. Energy 
  4. Waste 
  5. Earth Stress Measurement
  6. Oil

1) Water Wells

Like in the oil and gas industry, fracking can also boost the efficiency of recovering groundwater in water wells. Many countries use this technique to increase water production, including Australia, South Africa, and the United States.

2) Mining 

Mining operations use hydraulic fracking to stimulate controlled rock cavings. In most cases, hydraulic fracking is used for mining uranium. Fracking allows miners to inject substances that dissolve uranium into the earth’s crust. Once dissolved, miners pump the uranium out.

3) Energy

The energy sector also relies on hydraulic fracking. People in the industry can use the technique in geothermal systems to boost heat extraction and generate electricity.

4) Waste

Another vital application of hydraulic fracking is waste remediation. You can use this technique to dispose of waste. All you need to do is inject the waste into deep rock formations. It also helps in the geological sequestration of carbon dioxide.

5) Earth Stress Measurement

Most geologists use fracking technology to measure stress levels in the earth’s crust. For that reason, they can prepare for any technological issue that might arise.

6) Oil

Fracking allows mining companies to access oil deposits that lie deeper in the earth’s crust. In a real sense, extracting oil and gas in these deep-level rock formations in a more traditional way won’t be economic or workable. As a result, fracking has helped increase oil production.

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