Our Response to the COVID-19 Epidemic

Those of us at #BOPProducts are doing our part to help curb the spread of #coronavirus and keep our clients safe. Read more about our changes here: #COVID19 Click To Tweet

To our Valued Customers,

As COVID-19 continues to impact the global community, we want to reassure you that as a company we are prepared. We are continually monitoring and responding to the situation, always ensuring first and foremost the health and safety of our employees, customers, and vendors.

Our Management Team, while addressing COVID-19, has full authority to determine company policies, coordinate infection prevention measures, directs and ensures continuity of operations in full compliance with guidance provided by the World Health Organization and governmental and regulatory authorities.

In addition to this, we are:

  • Constantly working with our project management and supply chain teams to mitigate and reduce the impact on customer and vendor project executions.
  • Implementing business continuity plans in our manufacturing plant and office to successfully fulfill our promises to our employees, customers, and vendors.
  • Restricting all business and local travel while monitoring all deliveries to and from our facility.
  • Deploying clear directives on employee self-isolation or altering business hours to covering all possible circumstances when necessary.
  • Reducing large gatherings of employees and encouraging the use of digital technology for communication.
  • Communicating virus prevention messages through emails, texts or postings as they change or become available.
  • Initiating deeper levels of cleaning across our facility.
  • The implementation of recommended and proper hygiene practices through our facility and advising employees to continue this practice in their daily routines away from BOP Products, LLC

This is an unprecedented time for everyone, addressing and preventing spread of COVID-19 is critical to the way we are dealing with the outbreak. Please be assured that our actions are driven by the best interests and we are doing everything we can to minimize impact. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Follow our Facebook page for further developments.