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Proper licensing is critical in any field, but it fills a special need in the oil and gas industry. Likewise, keeping those licenses updated shows that your company is still trustworthy and producing excellent equipment. BOP Products is proud to announce that all our licenses have recently been renewed! Here’s a closer look at each license and what they all mean.

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Our Licenses

As of May 5, 2020, we’ve received renewals on all our professional certifications:

Why Is This Important?

Up-to-date licenses show that a company works hard to manufacture products to the highest possible standard.  Additionally, they demonstrate that the company prioritizes workplace safety and complies with every safety regulation relevant to their field. Certifications show that leaders in the industry approve their efforts. At BOP Products, we’re proud to have the backing of the APIQR to showcase the excellent quality of our refurbished blowout preventers!

The Future of BOP Products

Our renewed licenses are valid until 2023, and we have every intention of renewing them again when the time comes. We’re proud to offer high-quality BOPs to our clients around the world, with trustworthy certifications from giants in the oil and gas industry.

Connect with us for further updates on our company’s plans.

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