Oilfield Safety: How to Stay Safe in a Risky Field

Oil and gas drilling centers provide essential resources to society. Of course, this comes with a certain risk. Oilfield workers are regularly exposed to such risks as electrical hazards, vehicle collisions, confusing layouts, and more. While it’s nearly impossible to eliminate all risks from an oilfield, you can help maintain a good level of oilfield safety through a few strategic choices.

Your strategy for oilfield safety should focus both on preventing emergencies as much as you can and handling ones that inevitably happen. Fortunately, experts in the oilfield industry have a proven track record of maintaining safety in their workplaces. Let’s take a look at expert advice to keep your oilfield safe.

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Maintain All Equipment and Hardware

As OSHA notes, one of the biggest risks in an oilfield environment is a vehicle accident caused by an overlooked problem. Fortunately, you can easily reduce the frequency of these accidents through simple vehicle maintenance. Make sure every workplace vehicle receives regular service and repairs for a safe driving experience. Additionally, maintain your oil drilling equipment–keep it clean and functional! At the first sign of trouble, replace it or call a repair expert.

Pro Tip: Provide safety training on proper vehicle handling, emergency procedures, and more for your oilfield employees. Knowledge of how to handle a bad situation will help immensely in a critical scenario.

Clean Up Messes

An oilfield is certainly not a clean workplace. However, the less messy you allow parts of your workplace to become, the safer you and your coworkers will be. Contain spills and clean up as quickly as possible to reduce your employees’ fall risk and the general risk of spreading fire, two major concerns noted by OSHA in most oilfields. Never prioritize speed or profit over site safety.

Make Friends with Local Emergency Responders

Find the nearest fire station, hospital, police station, or other emergency response team and make sure they know you’ll be drilling nearby. Chances are, you’ll be seeing this emergency team a lot. Maintain a positive relationship with them and make sure they know their way around your facility. Familiarity with emergency responders will help with speed and trust in a disaster scenario.

Promoting Oilfield Safety

Anyone who works in oilfields knows the occupational health and safety risks posed by the industry. Fortunately, those risks are manageable through a thorough understanding of the job and proper maintenance of the workplace and equipment alike. With a little effort, it’s easy to maintain a high standard of safety in your oilfield.

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