What is an Oil Rig Blowout?

You’ve probably read how drilling companies invest so much in blowout prevention, and you wonder, “What is an oil rig blowout? Also known as a ‘kick,’ an oil rig blowout is the sudden and uncontrollable release of oil and gas from a drill pipe during drilling. It can be catastrophic when not prevented with safety, causing worker injuries and equipment damage.

During a blowout, crude oil gets released uncontrollably. A catastrophic disaster can ensue if the gushing oil gets into contact with a flame or spark. The good news is that oil drilling companies can prevent such blowouts by installing blowout preventers. As a result, it mitigates the risks of oil rig explosions.

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Let’s see how blowouts can occur and how to prevent them during drilling operations.

Why Do They Happen?

Blowouts often occur when the crude oil formations in rocks exert high pressure around an oil well. Oil forms due to compressions and pressurization of water and fossils within sediment layers. So, oil drilling companies prevent the pressure from using mud at the drilling site. If not managed, the pressure can build up and infiltrate the well, causing blowouts.

How To Prevent It

There are steps to prevent oil, gas, or water from infiltrating a wellbore when under high pressure. Workers at the drill site can close the well or use heavier fluids to lower the pressure. They can also evacuate the release of the wellbore fluids. Preventing possible blowouts is easy because the causes are well-known in the industry.

BOP Products Blowout Preventers

Many types of blowouts can occur in oil drilling sites, and the results can be catastrophic when not managed. The best way to prevent a blowout is by using blowout preventers (BOPs), whether subsea blowouts, surface blowouts, or underground blowouts. The BOPs come in various designs and shapes to ensure maximum blowout prevention.

Protect Your Staff

So far, you can answer the question, “What is an oil rig blowout?” Now that you know how a blowout can occur, you need to protect workers in your drilling site by installing blowout preventers (BOPs). It also protects your drilling equipment from damage should a blowout occurs. You can source high-quality BOPs from BOP Products.

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