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One big question that many people will ask when they visit a drilling site is, “Why are pipe rams important?” The straightforward answer is that they help prevent potential blowouts during drilling operations, hence the name blowout preventer (BOP) ram. It stops blowouts by closing the annular space between the wellbore and pipe.

What is the primary role of the ram-type BOPs? BOP rams prevent blowouts from occurring, which can be disastrous when they happen. The pipe ram usually gets stacked over the BOP stack during drilling. Its opposing pair of steel plungers can come together and seal the wellbore when a potential blowout gets detected.

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When to Use a Pipe Ram

Now that you know what a pipe ram looks like, you might wonder when to use it during drilling operations. The primary purpose of this kind of ram is to close the annular space in the drill pipe. When there’s a potential ‘kick’ around the tubular in the wellbore, pipe rams will stop the flow of the fluids in the annular space. 

Different Kinds of Ram Type BOPs

Here are the various types of Ram BOPs.

  • Shear Ram: This blowout preventer can seal the wellbore even when a drill string or tubing is in the drill well. It uses steel blades to cut the drill pipes.
  • Blind Ram: This blowout preventer lacks openings for tubings and can close the well by shearing off the openings with no drill string inside.
  • Blind Shear Ram: It can function as either a shear ram or blind ram and seal the wellbore even when a drill string is in the wellbore.

Well Control 

A blowout can get out of control when under high pressure, increasing the need for blowout prevention tools and equipment like pipe rams. The BOP rams keep the well on guard, protecting workers on the drilling site from the devastating impacts of blowouts. 

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Now that you know why pipe rams are important, you need to get the equipment from reliable manufacturers like BOP Products. Consider the BOP rams with variable bore sizes to accommodate several pipe diameters. Standard bore pipe rams usually come with fixed diameter sizes. If you have trouble picking what’s best, we can help you.

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