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If you have never stopped or worked in any drilling site, you might wonder, “What are the benefits of ram BOPs?” Sometimes blowouts occur during drilling operations leading to a lot of destruction. BOPs play a vital role in preventing such certainties from happening, hence the name “blow out preventer”. As a result, it improves the workers’ safety at the drilling site.

A BOP ram is usually a pair of opposing steel plungers that work as a gate valve. They are a vital apparatus for any specialized oil drilling project. Also, BOPs act as a necessary safety layer to the workers and the oil well itself. Here are a few benefits offered by a quality ram BOP.

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Ensures Safety

The primary role of a ram BOP is to prevent dangerous blowouts from an oil well. Its sturdy and long-lasting design ensures that your oil well remains entirely wrapped and keeps your entire working location safe from a blowout.

Always test your ram blowout preventers to confirm they tightly fit on top of your BOP stack to keep the beneath pressure in check. Also, finding the outright correct size is so imperative to your overall drilling workplace safety. Finally, perform a periodic safety assessment to check the fit of your BOP and its rubber sealant to make sure the lot is still secure.

Increases Performance

Ram BOPs offer superior performance in surface and subsea applications. Also, most ram BOPs systems that pass a hydraulic pressure test range from 500 degrees F to 30 degrees F can work for eight hours using blind shear rams. Ram BOPs also offer a convenient tie-off method to increase personal safety while increasing performance.

Multiple Sizes

There are multiple ram-type BOPs you can work with on an oil drilling site. The BOPs work depending on the size and nature of your working site. Below are four types of ram BOPs you can use for a successful drilling project.

  • Pipe Rams: Closes the spherical space where the blowout preventer and the pipe meet.
  • Shear Ram: The closing element uses harsh and fitted steel metal blades to cut the drilling pipes each time the BOP closes.
  • Blind Rams: The blind ram features two steel blocks that join at the center to block the hole where the pipe fits.
  • Blind Shear Rams: The BOP is the last option when other BOP types flop to salvage pressure control.

Get Your Ram BOPs From BOP Products

What are the benefits of ram BOPs? Stacking ram BOPs in many ways offers maximum efficiency and protection against potential kicks. For that reason, it’s essential to obtain rent or buy Ram BOPs from a reliable company like BOP Products. Also, we offer high-quality BOP products to ensure the safety of your workers during drilling operations.

Contact us to learn the other types of blowout preventers.

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