3 More Ways to Reduce an Oilfield's Environmental Impact

As an oilfield operator, your priority should be the safety of your workers and the environment. Thankfully, keeping the oilfield safe for yourself and your coworkers is not tricky. What about the surrounding environment? Remember, even the slightest mistake could cause disasters for animals, plants, and people.

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How do we reduce the oil industry’s environmental impact?

How you handle crude oil and natural gas during a drilling operation influences your impact on the environment. For example, natural gas runs over a third of electric power generation in the United States. But, if produced irresponsibly, it can cause severe environmental and health risks.

Here are the tips to reduce environmental impacts by the oil and natural gas industry. 

  1. Ensure Water and Air Safety for Local Communities
  2. Be Aware of Methane
  3. Follow the Methane Standards

1) Ensure Water and Air Safety for Local Communities

People living near oil and natural gas fields have a higher risk of air and water pollution exposure. So, you should ensure proper wastewater disposal to prevent groundwater contamination. To maintain the air quality in the area near an oilfield, you need to invest in technologies for detecting methane leaks, such as satellite tracking programs.

2) Be Aware of Methane

Methane leaks are difficult to detect because it’s a colorless and odorless gas. Also, adding an odorant may not be enough. By the time you smell the leak, a harmful amount will already be present in the air. So, it’s essential to invest in technologies that can help you detect methane leaks like remote sensing or satellite tracking.

3) Follow the Methane Standards

Though the oil and gas industry has made significant strides to lower methane pollution, it’s not enough. As a result, there’s a need to defend the federal and advanced state policies to protect the environment. The good news is methane standards are in place to ensure the safe production of the gas in the oilfields.

Protect the Local Environment

Now know how to reduce oilfield environmental impact during oil and gas production. If you work in any oilfield, be strict with all the safety standards and policies to ensure the workers’ safety. Invest in technologies that can help you detect gas leaks and oil spills before they significantly affect the environment.

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