4 Essential Drilling Equipment

An oil drilling site is always busy with many moving parts, including essential drilling equipment, such as the oil rig. As a worker or stakeholder in the oil and gas industry, it’s vital to know the crucial components of an oil rig system, and where you can rent or buy them. Let’s find out what they are.

What is the essential drilling equipment every oil rig needs to have? 

An oil drill rig is an essential tool used in offshore and onshore drilling. This large piece of equipment has many moving parts to extract oil and gas from the earth’s crust safely. Innovators have introduced new technologies to improve the oil rig’s efficiency, performance, and safety.

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Here are the four essential drilling equipment you should know. 

  1. Blowout Preventer
  2. Degassers
  3. Shale Shakers
  4. Mud Cleaners

1) Blowout Preventer

During drilling, oil and gas can come out of the oil well under high pressure, and the impacts can be devastating if the operators don’t control the pressure. A blowout preventer is a device that can handle the uncontrollable release of natural gas and crude oil from the oil well to ensure safety. It has valves that can close the oil well.

2) Degassers

Degassers help remove the entrained gas within the drilling fluid or mud to reduce hydrostatic pressure during drilling. Some of these gases include corrosive oxygen and hydrogen sulfide. There are two types of degassers: centrifugal and vacuum degassers. The latter is more efficient than centrifugal degassers.

3) Shale Shakers

A shale shaker helps separate the oil well’s cuttings from the drilling fluid by running the shales through a vibrating screen. This allows the fluid to flow back into the well for reuse. Reusing the drilling fluid reduces the compliance and regulatory costs since operators don’t have to dispose of the liquid, helping to save money.

4) Mud Cleaners/Mud Pumps

Mud pumps are large, reciprocating pumps that produce pressure to move and circulate fluid through an oil drill rig system. It dispenses the liquid down towards the drill string and back to the annulus under high pressures. On the other hand, a mud cleaner helps to remove drilled solids from the mud.

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